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Drowning in Dressing

Isn’t it amazing how 2020 has taught each of us at least one skillset we didn’t know we had? I mean, let’s be honest… we’ve ALL had our moments that required us to dig deep and keep our sanity intact. Some of us have relied on those Yoga breathing techniques to avoid losing that last marble on our spouse, while others have debated whether or not we should break-up the kid’s WWF Smackdown for round #3 or demonstrate the sleeper hold on everyone, Mama-Style!!

For me, I’ve had to learn the fine art of “Patience is a Virtue” and “I’m not in, REALLY, I’m NOT”. Some pretty tough pills to swallow when you’re short girl, who was raised to never let the grass grow under her feet.

A couple weeks ago, I stared down at my “new”, consignment find; a vintage, enamel bowl filled with my freshest veggies. Law, I could hardly wait to sit down & eat this beautiful salad I made for my supper, and the best part was it made me feel good about myself. After sneaking Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from the freezer every night for the past two weeks, Lord knows my britches needed a “feel good” moment! So, I go to the pantry for a brand-new bottle of my favorite balsamic vinaigrette; give it a good shake, pop the top and begin to SPRINKLE droplets of dressing, right? WRONG- my shaker spout was stuck in the lid, so out poured at least a ½ cup of dressing all over my beautiful, healthy salad- UGH!!! I was so mad, I could’ve spit tenpenny nails! I snatched up my bowl of drowning veggies, and tossed them all into a larger mixing bowl. As I began to fuss under my breath, slamming the crisper drawer, the refrigerator door; frantically cutting up MORE lettuce, MORE tomatoes, MORE cucumbers, MORE peppers; suddenly I stopped. I quietly laid my knife down, wiped my hands on the tea towel tucked around my waist and listened to the voice of Our Provider.

I had watched a news story the same morning about an elderly lady in Beirut, who had lost her home to an explosion earlier that morning. There in the middle of her street, was her piano; surrounded by the devastating loss & ruins of her home. This precious lady sat down at her piano & began to play. Singing songs of praise; she had very little material belongings left except her piano, but still found reason to sing with a joyful heart.

At that moment, I bowed my head in shame. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I was immediately humbled by the frustration I had just shown over the interruption of MY PLAN for a small salad- just the way I prepared it for myself; with no leftovers to share. God reminded me that, I not only had enough, but I had an abundance; far more than I needed for one small salad.

I was “Drowning in dressing AND Blessings”!!!

There’s no doubt 2020 has been a year filled with chaos, challenges, and change that has had an effect on EVERYONE. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. As we begin to integrate back into pants & people skills; let’s remember that everyone is facing their own set of challenges & uncertainties with new work & school schedules. For some, work is now part time and household incomes are cut in half, for others, their children may be full-time on line learners, and no longer attending classrooms.

Whatever our new schedules become; let’s focus on “Drowning in our Dressing & Blessings”:

  1. Just be nice- everyone is going through something privately and the power of a kind gesture, or a smile to someone can have a tremendous impact on their day.

  2. Some have been given the gift of time (without guilt) to work from home with their spouse & children.

  3. Others have been called to the frontlines of healthcare & have sacrificed their time and safety for us- THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!!

  4. Some have learned the art of gardening with their children, saving money for future vacations by growing their own vegetables! (love this)

  5. God gave us all a pause button- I like to think it’s because He knows MORE than us and recognized our souls were weary and needed rest.

May we all live LESS out of habit, and MORE out of intent...

“Consider the ravens; They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them, and how much MORE valuable you are than birds!!” Luke 12:24

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