Hey, y'all!


After nearly 23 years spent in a corporate industry, basically "growing up & into my heels" over a couple decades, I realized I had unknowingly slipped into a “Cocoon of Comfort”. I began to question what did my next ten to fifteen years look like? Or even the next five? Was I making a difference with my life? Was I contributing to the lives of those around me, or had I become lost in the noise of my day-to-day race?

Through countless, sleepless nights spent with God, in tears, prayerfully, soul searching with my Bible & prayer journal; I desperately listened for His still small voice. I came to realize that “Cocoon of Comfort” had also become my hiding place. It had become my excuse for being snappy with those I loved the most; my family, my friends, and so many others. I was projecting my anger, my frustrations, my physical, mental & emotional exhaustion on EVERYONE! I was too exhausted to keep personal commitments, & had become tunneled in my drive to succeed, and literally “too busy” keeping track of an invisible scoreboard. How was it possible to enjoy LIFE, a spouse, a family; with BOTH parents, (blessed beyond measure to still have them) children, grandchildren, church, or time with friends when you’ve become too busy earning a LIVING? Work/life balance had become nonexistent for me….

About 2 years ago, my Daddy began passing out a CD with a sermon entitled, "THE BIRDS ARE STILL SINGING" by a Country Preacher; that had a powerful impact on my Daddy’s view of life. As if everyone in our town & community didn’t already know my Daddy by face & name for his kindness, generosity, and love of helping others; especially through mission projects- suddenly, he became known for passing out copies of this CD to folks (some random; because like me- he never meets a stranger!) He always has extra copies in his car or at home. It became a constant reminder for me that my parents had always made sure I knew my value & my worth- to God, to them AND myself was "WORTH MORE THAN BIRDS”. This precious phrase became a way of saying goodbye when we parted ways with others, a way to lift others up that were going through life’s storms; a way of saying I LOVE YOU, to my daughter; my grandchildren- to anyone that has ever questioned their purpose, their existence, or if God was really ever there. My scripture verse, my wrist tattoo I carry with me every day is Matthew 10:31. “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows”

And so, began my real journey; the courage to dig deep….as many of you already know, with soul searching & time spent with God comes answers we don’t always want to hear. Mine included the reflection of someone I barely recognized through a looking glass surrounded by 3,500 sq. ft. of lonely walls and bitter silence. Finding your own truth is never a pretty picture. We all have a closet filled with poor choices, regrets, and our own set of “If Only’s”. With the love & encouragement from my family & a few of my closest friends/colleagues, I made the decision to not walk, but RUN out of my heels & DIVE into my boots; coffee in one hand & courage in the other to carve out a new path- “working within my gifts”, as my dear friend, Pamela called it!!

And so was born, "The Vintage Chickadee". Letting my "God Given" gifts & talents enable me to turn my passion for interior design, restoring furniture and homes; creating treasures from what some would consider trash; into a business that brings me pure JOY! Realizing that something that had always come so natural to me, that had also been a personal outlet to escape the monotony & madness of my rat race- was actually my GIFT, a way to be obedient, earn a living and give back. Now, I am so excited to pour my creativity into working with homeowners, our real estate community & their clients for assistance in their staging, custom design & restoration needs! Thank-you for all the love & support from the Western NC Mountains to the Coast I have received so far! I look forward to what 2020 is going to bring us all working together; helping one another.

Our Mission Statement:

“You're Worth More Than Birds; your home or office should reflect the same value.

Our Goals & Objectives are simple:

Stay humble, show grace, love & kindness; and show our gratitude through obedience. Each month, we will contribute 10% of The Vintage Chickadee’s net profits back to NC/Local Mission Projects in honor of my Daddy/My Parents (Bob & Janet King’s) willingness to always help others in need.


The Vintage Chickadee